Fear – the Number One Hurdle

Fear – the Number One Hurdle

A lot of people have great ideas as well as the desire to follow their dreams and work on their ideas. But there are many hurdles and barriers standing in the way. The number one hurdle, at least in my case, is fear.

But fear could be healthy. Many years ago when I was trying to make a living racing motorcycles, my mentor used to tell me: “fear is good.” That didn’t make much sense at first. After all, this was around the same time everyone was parading around with those “NO FEAR” stickers. How could fear be good? I thought fear made me weak and kept me from reaching my full potential.

In time, however, I came to appreciate fear.

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Hello world!

Hello. World!

The same two words started many journeys for me. It almost seems like all my accomplishments in technology started with those words, over and over. It is probably true for most developers…

It is therefore fitting to see these words filling this space when I activated this website. The instruction suggests that I delete them and start blogging with a new post. Yet I find myself wanting to celebrate this post. Let it be the start of a wonderful venture, like many before it.

Hello! World.